Lecture Reading Assignments (other than those in Raven et al. (2010))

Date Reading Assignment Link
2011-10-03 WRI (2008) Ranganathan, J., K. Bennett, C. Raudsepp-Hearne, N. Lucas, F. Irwin, M. Zurek, N. Ash, P. West (Ed.) Ecosystem Services: A Guide for Decision Makers. Washington, DC, United States: World Resources Institute. 978-1-56973-669-2 PDF
2011-10-19 Mol, A. P. J. and G. Spaargaren (2000). Ecological modernisation theory in debate: A review. Environmental Politics 9 (1): 17-49. PDF
2011-11-14 Foley, J. A., R. DeFries, G. P. Asner, C. Barford, G. Bonan, S. R. Carpenter, F. S. Chapin, M. T. Coe, G. C. Daily, H. K. Gibbs, J. H. Helkowski, T. Holloway, E. A. Howard, C. J. Kucharik, C. Monfreda, J. A. Patz, I. C. Prentice, N. Ramankutty and P. K. Snyder (2005). Global consequences of land use. Science 309 (5734): 570-574. PDF
2011-12-05 Brulle, R. J. & J. C. Jenkins (2008) Fixing the bungled U.S. environmental movement. Contexts 7 (2): 14-18. PDF

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