Distributional factors

North-South Divide

Image north-south_divide

Uneven national consumption

Uneven intranational consumption Net worth in the United States

Rank Share Per-capita GDP
Top 1% 33.4% $1,155,835
Top 20% 84.4% $146,037
Second 20% 11.3% $19,552
Third 20% 3.9% $6,748
Last 40% 0.3% $260

After Kapur et al. (2005)

Net worth in the US

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Questions of Equity

The challenge of global sustainability

``At this moment in time, we are all simultaneous and central, complete contemporaries who are entering the new millennium on the same day, walking together. In the globalized world, either we all save each other, or even god will not be saved.''
-Armando Bartra (2004)

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